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3d - Printworx

Wood filament

Started by trebor, Saturday,March 10, 2018, 13:05:28

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Has anyone used this stuff, whats it like, how much wood is in it ? Is it heavy ?


tried it a fair while back (was a free 10m sample from one of my suppliers)

Timberfill PLA.


prints as clean as its standard pla kin but had a fair few requirements to get it there.

your extruder needs to be set at what would be considered the high end temp for PLA in general 220c+

you'll need to reduce overall print speed, between 40-50mm/s max

retraction was the biggest factor I found, I had to eventually set mine to 4mm even with a mk8 close range extruder setup, with a Bowden it'd very likely be more (anything less and the tip clogged within moments of starting the print run)

in terms of tip size I tried running it through a .3 brass tip first and it literally spat its dummy straight away, then tried a .4 brass and it worked reasonable well but still suffered a clog or two later in the print, eventually tried a .4 steel I had knocking about and it seemed to agree well with it.

you wont need much bed temp, even at 60c it was glued to the bed and refused to come off till the temp had dropped to room again

the only other thing I can recall was its top layer finish was pretty hard to get flat, It seemed to love to curl up so you need your part cooling fan at max during top layers.

like I said though its been a while so there might have been other points I'm forgetting, either way Ive never had the desire to use it since the free sample.
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It is apparently very abrasive to the nozzles as well so ideally you would need to look into that as well.

This is just what I read all the time on various forum/chatrooms and apparently even glow in the dark has the same abrasive tendency tho not as bad as the cf filled stuff.

Bad Raven

Not tried wood................yet............ :whistling:

Glow in the dark trial pack I got was no good as it was coiled tightly and far too rigid to feed to the heat head properly in 17 degrees ambient.
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Sweet Pickle

I've printed 2 types. Laywood which looks the nuts. Prints at every temp from 180 to 230. The higher the temp the darker it prints. You can change temps every couple of layers and it looks like rings. Beautiful stuff, have to set extrusion multiplier very high, like 125% or you get holes. Lays down great though.
The other sort is less wood like and doesn't need a high multiplier. Doesn't look as pretty but prints just as easy. I generally print at 205/210. Sands up nice and from a distance does give the appearance of wood.
In short I love them both. The cheaper sort has pros and cons as does the expensive.
Go for it, you won't regret it.


I've tried CoLiDo wood pla with pleasing results and it smells so good while printing  :wack0

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Sweet Pickle

Not particularly strong.
I haven't really ever found a strong PLA mind.