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Started by Wyntrblue, November 16, 2017, 10:43:54 am

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hi guys,

so with xmas round the corner and my printer ready to be built i was asked if there is anything else i need for it and low and behold i need something to actually print with!

so its a anet A8 printer. what noob friendly filiement do you guys recommend?



Hey Wyntrblue,

There's two ways you can go with filament really. You can go cheap as chips, and sometimes you can get great reel of filament, but consistency with cheaper brands is often not their strong point so you can also very easily get a reel which will just cause you problems.

Alternatively you can spend a little more, and you can buy from a supplier you can trust to give you decent quality filament. Everyone has their favourite go-to suppliers, but for me, unless I'm after something they just don't stock, I generally buy my filament from Rigid Ink. It is a little more pricy but I've never had a problem with a single reel in the 2 years I've been using them.

If you're after more unique and unusual filaments, there are also some good suppliers for them as Rigid Ink don't really do metal/wood type filaments yet. But for now if you're after something to just get started with, you'll probably be after PLA, so give it a try! :)

If you're not sure which supplier to go for, do what I did and order some taster packs from several suppliers. You'll quickly see the difference in quality between them and find which ones work best for you and your printer(s).
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Ok thanks for that. Next good question

How do I know which size of pla I need? There seem to be a number of choices and I don't know what I need...


As said, PLA is by far the easiest, least demanding and simplest to master filament for a newcomer to use.

as for sizes,

unless your running a pretty unique setup there really is only 2 main sizes of filament, 1.75mm and 3mm, these sizes refere to the average/general diameter the filament should be.

your Anet is pretty much an entry level printer so it'll very likely be 1.75mm, 3mm is used more often in high output extruder setups.
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Ive just brought some filament from HK It appears to print well but Iam a noob so might not be the best for advise  :rolleyes:

Ive printed a few bits with it and not yet had any problems here a couple of pics of the rail alignment jigs I printed might add some more pics later

Link for the jigs if anyone wants it

The filament

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Custom built delta with Flex3Drive Gen 4 / Duet Electronics 180mm build area
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Geetech A10M Dual Colour 220x220x260 build area
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Ive had some experience with HK's own branded PLA (which is what that looks like there Gaz) and found it to be very reliable in terms of thermal stability and clean flowing, it made some pretty decent prints considering its current low price.

havnt tried their ABS but intend to give the Transparent ABS a go in the near future as Ive been hearing very good things about it.
Geeetech Prusa i3 pro-B (ABS Workhorse)
Pultur Prusa (my own design)
Poltur XL (my own "MUST BE BIGGER" design)
Poltur XL v.2 (my own "MUST BE BIGGER STILL, MUST USE EXTRUSION" design)

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