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Calling everyone in the Bath and Bristol area!

Started by 3DRev, Tuesday,April 14, 2020, 00:59:21

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Hi everyone, I know it has been an extremely long time since I was last here but you'll be happy to hear that I'm still breathing, work has as usual just meant I'm rarely at home. But these days as I'm sure you'd imagine, I'm home as everyone else is.

Now, I'm sure you've all heard about the huge PPE shortage that is threatening the lives of not just the front-line workers and NHS staff, but everyone as it undermines our ability to stem the spread of the virus.

You may have also heard about a few groups 3D printing PPE, which is a great idea. However, most of this PPE is either ineffective or it doesn't meet safety requirements to be used by frontline staff.

I helped set up a collaboration of makers in the Bath and Bristol area who are now producing and delivering PPE to NHS facilities and other front line staff. Our PPE and our processing has been tested and approved by the local NHS PPE acquisition team and is being received so well that the doctors prefer them to the paid ones.

I'll stipulate at this point that we are not charging for any of the PPE we produce, we are entirely self funded but are now getting a lot of donations for materials and machines (at the point of writing this, we just topped £7,000)!

This Saturday alone we supplied PPE to 4 hospitals, 2 additional sets of nurses, 3 groups of healthcare workers, a major paramedic department, and a pharmacy!

We are now looking for any other people in the area who would be willing to join us in producing this vital PPE for our frontline workers.

If you'd like to join us, please head to our website at:

Equally, if you know anyone who may need PPE for themselves and/or colleagues, please forward them the link so they can get in touch.

Finally, the biggest ask, please do share our website wherever you can. The more people that see it, not only the more chance that we'll get more people onboard, but more importantly, others who require PPE will hopefully find us and we can help make them safe!
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Tuesday,April 14, 2020, 04:03:03 #1 Last Edit: Tuesday,April 14, 2020, 04:13:54 by Gaza07
I'm seeing reports that there is no real shortage and a lot of people are using this as a money maker with go fund me pages used to buy printers, I'm not saying your doing this but others are and I wonder just how much PPE they are making and just how much of it is actually being used ?

I saw one post where I guy had raised a few hundered and then posted a receipt for one roll of PLA  :rolleyes:

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Kelant Orbeat D100 DLP/SLA

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If you're hearing that there isn't a real shortage, I can tell you right now that is complete bullshit. We are supplying PPE to several hospitals, ambulance units, care homes and other front line workers all over the South West.

We've had doctors, nurses, paramedics and carers coming to us, en-mass and telling us how they are having to treat known covid patients without access to any PPE. It is horrific the conditions they are having to work in when up on the front line!

There are some awful groups out there that are trying to profit from this, but I can assure you we are not one of them. Firstly, unlike some, we are not charging for anything we make. All our PPE is delivered for free by our network of volunteers and we've never taken a penny in payment for them, and trust me, we've had NHS workers contacting us actually saying they would be happy to pay for our PPE out of their own pocket if it means they can get some.

All the money we are raising on JustGiving is going into Filament (We've so far ordered and distributed to our network of makers over £1000 worth and we have a £3000 order about to be fulfilled for more), 3D printers so we can increase our production speed (any equipment such as printers bought with our crowdsourced funds will not be kept at the end of the pandemic but will be either sold to the person using them or auctioned off and all funds will be donated to the NHS and other charities who have done good work during the pandemic), and anything left over in the funds at the end of the pandemic will be donated along with the money from the auctioned equipment.

Our only goal is to ensure front line workers are protected, which I can promise you, they are not.

I live with an NHS worker and he comes home every day telling me about how people are genuinely scared for their lives whilst they are working on the front line.
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