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Best Dual Extruder under 400 €

Started by aleteck, Monday,January 06, 2020, 21:54:56

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Hi everybody,
I would like to change my 3d Printer, currently I have the Ender 3, I'm looking for a new printer with dual extruder.
I'm really interested in PLA + PVA for  complex  supports.

Do you have any suggestion under 400 €?

Thank you

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Tuesday,January 07, 2020, 19:47:47 #1 Last Edit: Tuesday,January 07, 2020, 19:49:55 by Gaza07
You could convert the ender add another extruder and dual head, There are plenty of the dual colour mixing extruder type printers about but your gonna need dual head rather than a mixer, some on on the forum did buy a dual head printer but, I can remember who it was now,
I converted a cartesian to dual head my self and it worked using a cyclops clone but I always found it a bit troublesome with the unused nozzle dribbling even when allowed to cool down a bit.

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Thanks for your suggestions, but currently I  have not  time to experiment and performe test and adjustments.

I'm looking for a solution ready out of the box.

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Any advise?

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to a certain extent regardless if you go with a "outthebox" dual head printer or add a second to an existing theres always gonna be a degree of tweeking and experimental settings adjustment required to get them to work well so in all honesty if you dont have a printer and want dual heads buy a dual head printer but if you already have a half decent printer with a single head then consider simply swapping out to a dual, the work required is likely the same where the price is vastly different.

at 400E or 330-340 quid you'll be looking at a more or less entry level dual head printer (atleast in terms of a decent make) so economically and possible levels of hassle speaking Id still lean toward converting an existing single head printer.
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