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Will it Fade and/or Distort?

Started by Bad Raven, Thursday,August 29, 2019, 19:57:17

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Bad Raven

When I first started it seemed to be stated conventional wisdom that 3D printed items, particulary in PLA, would not stand up to high ambient temperatures and would be UV degraded.

As you know, in the SE we have had two heat waves this year, and one quite long one last year.

SO, ever ready to challenge blanket statements like that, before summer last year I made two thin wall vases, one in transluscent yellow PETG, and one in red PLA. Red chosen due to its propensity to fade in paints.

They were placed at high level in a glass roofed conservatory where they receive dawn to dusk sun.  The conservatory, which has no sun shading at all, is often left unused and fully closed, as it has been for the last week plus while I have been hiding on the cool side of the house. A temp gauge has been recording over 55C air temp.

SO, two summers, NO fading, NO distortion.


HobbyKing Fabrikator II Mini, 100x100x100. (a Malyan printer re-badged) - Modded with magnetic Flex Bed

Original Prusa i3 Mk3 (All Black)


I have prints in some of the windows at home and not seen any problems with them  ~~
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Custom built delta with Flex3Drive Gen 4 / Duet Electronics 180mm build area
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Geetech A10M Dual Colour 220x220x260 build area
Kelant Orbeat D100 DLP/SLA

Multi-Rotor UK  YouTube  Thingiverse  3d-Printworx


The only PLA I've had an issue with is HK colour change, it is purple when cold and pink when warm, so I printed several items to sit on window sills, unfortunately the UV has bleached the cold colour (purple) out and now they are pink
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i3 custom build (sold)
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