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Monoprice Mini Delta

Started by Gary Walker, October 10, 2018, 11:00:00 pm

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Gary Walker

Bought this little baby and couldnt gat anything to print on it other than the sample gcodes supplied.

With loads of help from Gaza07, managed to get it to print rather well
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Its not unusual to find the lower budget rigs are supplied with "sample designs" that are designed and structured to work well with the printer they come with and problems only begin to surface when the end user tries to use designs that aernt specifically made to work on the same type of printer.

Thats not to say its anyone's specific fault, its just the way certain rig types prefer to be used and ultimately its part and parcel of the learning experience, a good example is when using the exact same design and print it on a delta and i3 type rig... on a i3 type it will typically give best results if the design is layed horizontal for printing, where as a delta typically performs better ion a horizontal print, each rig just performs better than the other in set circumstances but once youve figured out HOW your rig likes to be used then half the battle is won.

the other half consists of modifying your rig to better improve on its chosen style of printing and learning how to approach printing a design(or even creating a design yourself) before it even reaches the printbed stage.

I honestly dont think theres a over the counter printer that cant be made to work well (or for that matter improved upon).....yes I even include the Anet "OMFG ITS CAUGHT FIRE AND BURNT DOWN MY HOUSE" A8 in that statement :laugh:

what did you need to do to get the Mono printing nice btw?, I can see them getting increasingly popular as they appear to be a generally sturdy good looking little setup and Im sure others will like to hear your imput. ~~
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Bad Raven

Interesting they don't list it as PET capable.
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Gary Walker

All the troubole really came down to settings, the printer has a unique gcode start as it does a 3 point calibration at the start of every print, then Gaza07 worked his magic and sorted out the settings in cura to make it give a reasonable print. There are slight quality issues which i have asked for advice from the copmpany but still yet to hear from them.
DJI Phantom 3 Pro
TBS Discovery - APM
450 Flame wheel
Trex 600 E
Protos 500
Trex 450 x2
plus various nitro and coax heli's just gathering dust

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