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Help large prints failing

Started by scrumpydc, Wednesday,September 19, 2018, 07:36:58

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Can anyone tell me what is going on in my 2years of printing I have never had this it's a new printer geeetech A30 printing in pet g 10%infill 235 hot end 75c bed fan on yet still getting this it's meant to be a rectangle but will not stay the right shape the sides are nice and true but the waves are not supposed to be there

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looks like a case of heat warping, basically overly hot walls giving way under the upper layer weight before they get a chance to drop low enough below glass temp.

you can address it one of two ways.

1. adjust the model to increase post print strength. (more of a work round that doesn't really solve the issue)

2. Enclose the printer so you can better control the ambient temps around the printer.

Id opt for the latter, its a common mistake that most think enclosing is done just to keep those annoying drafts away from your printer, its actually also very beneficial when you use it to stabilize the enclosure temperatures thoughout an entire print run as I have done with my own Geeetech Pro B, basically during any given print My printers enclosure gets no higher than 45° which in then maintains with thermostatic controlled exhaust fans.

all in all it gives me very dependable and stable results when doing large prints in anything from Flexi PLA, PLA ,ABS and even PETg.
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Ok I will have to give that a try any recommendations on material for the enclosure

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Bad Raven

In the third/last picture, are you holding it at the base, or at the top?

I looks like heat warping, yes, but the "sag" looks upwards in the centre if you are holding it near the base!  What is its shrinkage, measurement wise?

Tell us more about the model, thickness/layers of Walls? What type of that 10% bracing infill, diamond? Are you using the temp advised by the filament maker?

What alternative settings have you tried, and what were the results?
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The last pic ime holding it at the base this attempt was 1 wall outer 4 bottom  10  % honeycomb infill 10%overlap 235temp 75%bed I tried more walls and more infill and got this I have resorted to cutting the module up into smaller sections and printing it flat witch is working gotta wait for more petg filiment now lol the last pic is the first print witch came out spot on I used the same settings for the box and had the wavy results I will try the enclosure next big print

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