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General Discussion / Re: Did 'YOU' print today?
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:47:34 PM »
half way through fueling my sons addiction to his favorite game.....

can you tell what it is?...

just need to print the snout pieces and smooth and paint... maybe add some leds to create a flame effect inside (looks like the remaining leds and arduino's are gonna find a use afterall

General Discussion / Re: What did the Postman bring today?
« on: November 25, 2018, 12:00:47 PM »
Figured  Id give one of these "slap-on" CCTree magnetic heat bed jobs a go before I went ahead and converted my Pro-B's bed to the same as my Polturs.

arrived earlier, trimmed it down.... "slapped-it-on"

As the Poltur is currently my ABS/PetG monster workhorse at the mo I loaded the ProB up with the most troublesome PLA I have to hand, namely Esun's (which rarely likes to adhere to anything barring masking tape :rolleyes:, which I absolutely hate using as its just so bloody old school :banghead:), then Ive thrown a small footprint intricate model at it, see how its faired in a half hour or so :hmm:

(roughly 30mins later)....

aye not bad, held nice, not a terrible bed facia finish (even though I leveled the bed terribly and it printed a tad high) and peeled off nice and clean afterwards so Ill give it a thumbs up me thinks ~~

only thing I have my doubts about now is using a mag prox. sensor for bed leveling (which is what I intended when changing to a SS bed), might just go with a touch probe instead, not as accurate imo but should suffice.

General Discussion / Re: Is it me?
« on: November 25, 2018, 10:00:04 AM »
personally, after long hours of designing, testing and re-designing (repeat several dozen times :cry), I doubt there's a 3d printed wing design out their that can stand-up to heavy stress maneuvers for anything like a extended amount of time and even less that can stand-up to a less than gentle landing.

on the brief moments of madness when I swing back to contemplating actually printing the wing design I made a while back I usually come to a logical conclusion, Id have to do something to it post printing to increase its durability, now if I do it in ABS (which I likely would) there's the acetone vaping route which granted works well but would mean chopping the model into vape managable chunks thus adding more weak points were the joins would be....kinda defeats the objective of vaping it in the first place :rolleyes:

the only other option I could think of was a "skin" of some sort, something like the ultra thin laminate sheet skins already used on balsa RC planes and wings, with a bit of careful time taken that stuff can be heat gunned into a even smooth skin across the whole frame and add some if not a great deal of overall strength to the frame :hmm:

Still think it'd just explode on the first bad landing though ::)

General Discussion / Re: What did the Postman bring today?
« on: November 24, 2018, 03:17:14 PM »
Some more acetone    :rofl:    (from Shawdereamer's recommendation......very fast, though sending highly flammable liquids by unlabelled ordinary mail surely is against the rules??)

If they have to start sending it "special" courier where screwed from postal costs

General Discussion / Re: Acetone Vaping made easy.
« on: November 18, 2018, 10:03:41 AM »
Very simple, pop the lid on which starts the process, once lid is covered in condensation remove lid and your part is vaped :wack0

that rule of thumb works well with smaller parts (thats pretty much what I do myself even using the pyrex ;)) but its less successful with the larger stuff (like some of my quadcopter frames) which tend to come out with an uneven finish which though not a disaster does kinda spoil the visual effect :cry

General Discussion / Re: Acetone Vaping made easy.
« on: November 16, 2018, 04:38:23 PM »
I use one of these for vaping ABS prints:

Cheap, safe and easy to setup outside so no risk of fumes in the house.

someone mentioned something along those lines when I first started looking into doing it but you cant see how your prints are coming along except from the top  :embarrassed,  If you use a Pyrex you can check almost 360 if its coated well  ~~

General Discussion / Re: Acetone Vaping made easy.
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:02:55 AM »
agreed, better off with pure, you get more dependable and predictable results, diluted stuff evaporates at a slower pace so you'll often see your vaped parts coming out seemingly "half vaped", were the lower half has been coated by the rising evaporated acetone but it hasnt been able to evaporate fast enough to get right the way up to the top of your part.

the ebay seller I always use, very dependable and good product....

Cartesian / Re: Anycubic 4max
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:13:16 AM »
the surface probably like most things "3d printing" has a temp heat sweet spot with ABS but its sounds like its no where near were you'd expect if your struggling to find it, spoilt for choice nowadays with bed surfaces so just go with whatever works with you deltas, least you know that does the job. :shrug:

just a quick thought but have you tested the beds heat dispersion?, bad heat spread will mess with your prints everytime, run it up to temp and run your infrared thermometer back and forward across it to see if there's any large heat variance.... ya never know, might be something as simple as the bed having a bad/broken trace, in which case you should be able to get a replacement under warranty.

Cartesian / Re: Anycubic 4max
« on: November 14, 2018, 12:53:10 PM »
pretty sure I just bought it off ebay, its nothing special, basically just the same stuff that they make the magnetic learner plates out off.

yep found it in my purchase history...

Ive ran my heatbed at 120c for over 6hrs with that stuff on it (tbh cant see you needing to run at that temp for extended periods but I just wanted to test its durability, usually run bed at 100c for ABS) and it suffered no ill effects so no worry about it going soft or melting, flexible and tough enough to simply stick it directly to whatever print surface your wanting to use (eg PEI, Printbite....even Painters tape) then you can just slap it on your heatbed and whip it back off when done, quick flex and "pop" off comes your print ~~

Cartesian / Re: Anycubic 4max
« on: November 14, 2018, 10:51:45 AM »
you'd be surprised just how much effect the surrounding environment has on ABS prints, its a bit of a contradictory statement but its very beneficial to keep you abs printing well out of random airflow and breezes/drafts, I say contradictory because at the same time ABS produces often unpleasant vapours and smells which really should be vented away :hmm:

thats why I mentioned fully enclosing your newest purchase and fitting a extraction fan, gives the interior a somewhat negative pressure setup, bad vapours vented away, annoying breezes kept out. ~~

Cartesian / Re: Anycubic 4max
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:20:28 AM »
I'm hoping to use it for mainly ABS prints but at the moment I'm getting the edges shrinking, I'm not sure if its this ultrabase print surface that auto releases prints when it cools thats not holding it tight enough  :shrug:

Ive tried just about every surface available recommended for ABS and I can say categorically NOTHING beats Kapton on a 3mm SS plate heated by a silicone pad.

Ive found Kapton in general to be the best option with ABS, atleast from my own experience.

the SS plate setup I made for my PolturXL hasnt failed me once yet....

piece of jet/laser cut 200x300x3mm SS plate...

sat on four corner stand-off feet (not fastened down, the weight of the plate itself prevents it lifting and moving)...

can even get away with using an undersized heat pad (mine being a 200x200 for a 200x300 print surface), the plate distributes the heat that well...

and cos its SS its both ideal for conductive bed level sensors and works well with optional magnetic bed surfaces (or alternatively like myself you get yourself some of the Magnetic sheets and simply coat the back of whatever you wanna use for surface and that way it comes straight off the print bed clean and quick without damaging the Kapton layer already in place....

cant tell ya how much faffing about it saves me when I want to quickly swap to flexi filament but dont want the ballache of trying to prise it off the Kapton without it wrecking something....just print... whip off the printbite...go back to ABS, job done.

then theres the speed the pad heats..... none of this waiting for stock type heat beds taking half an hour to get to temp PAH!, 3-4 mins and mines at 120c and thats just a 12v 200x200 cheapo BangGood buy, add the Kapton into the mix and you cant get an ABS print to even lift a milli of corner even if you tried (well short of having your bed terribly leveled obviously ;))

did intended to have multiple pieces of SS with different bed surfaces each meant for different jobs but I struck on the magnetic sheet idea before I went that far, plate can still be removed from the printer post print and cooled for quick release though which means limited down time between prints ~~

not 100% whether it was BG or not but I do recall seeing Hexagonal pads knocking about meant for Delta's, IMHO their a worthwhile investment if you wanna do a fair bit of ABS work,  failing that BG are now doing foil-backed, insulated versions of the one I originally bought....

also worth a punt IMO

whoopsie, no their not.... their doing a 220v foil backed version not 12v, mines still there though and its nothing to slap a bit of foil insulation on it yourself...

Cartesian / Re: Anycubic 4max
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:30:01 PM »
be a shame not to take advantage of it pre-built enclosure and use it with abs.

I did note they used a Mk8 rig when I first had a nose at one of these when it came up on GB (iirc) and immediately thought it was kinda a waste to slap that heavy cumbersome thing on there and it'd definitely benefit from the weight loss going to a e3d (not to mention the performance).

get yourself a piece of clear acrylic for a enclosure lid, a thermostatic control board and cut a fan into the acrylic lid, presto youve got yourself a fully enclosed temperature modulated setup, does wonders for layer consistency when doing large scale prints in ABS (pretty much eliminates just about any remaining concerns with edge warping you might have when using abs....also good for keeping moisture away from installed Petg ~~)

General Discussion / Re: repetier server
« on: October 28, 2018, 03:57:46 PM »
I dont actually use the server or repetier host to slice or prep my models tbf (I use Slic3r standalone but anything will work with the server) then I just send the sliced STL file to the relevant printer connected to the server and presto away it go`s.

uptil now I generally run my printers in standalone, Ive never been a fan of throwing a pc/laptop into the mix when its just not needed, Id just rather save my file to a sd card, slot it into the printer and let it do its thing all by itself, adding a computer into the mix often just brought issues and as for running my printers over the original Repetier server build....well...... just so not worth the increase in annoyance levels, but now with this new build everything seems spot on, its not had a single issue so far so, as I said, for anyone who`s looked at it before it definetly worth a revisit to see how its improved ~~

General Discussion / Re: Did 'YOU' print today?
« on: October 27, 2018, 02:19:05 PM »
another Squonk design, this one uses a simple Fet board and is unregulated (more or less a mechanical mod squonk)...

works really well with sub Ohm coil setups ::)

General Discussion / repetier server
« on: October 26, 2018, 02:51:27 PM »
dunno wether anyones really gave this much of a look at.

personally I gave it a quick bash when repetier host first introduced it a while back and though I found the overall concept a good idea and tbh quite workable I also found their application awful clunky, glitch ridden and unreliable.

However They recently brought in 0.90.07 and so far Im very happy to report its working like a charm, all the annoying hiccups seem to have been ironed out and for the last two days or so of testing its functioned perfectly, even while running two printers at the sametime maintaining live progress visuals, stastistics, eta's, temps and control functionality aswell as the optional webcam integration (though I havnt bothered trying that yet)

I currently have My Poltur XL running an ABS 18650 battery holder test print while my pro B is running the same print in Petg and the server isnt showing any signs of the struggle, pauses or general bad behaviour it showed on prior software builds and the biggest bonus is the previous browser comparability issues have also vanished so I can now control all my printers from just about any device I could possibly desire too.

theyve also better integrated multiple firmware variants so the server can cater to a wider scope of printers running different firmware versions (the original one I tested only seemed to work fully with Repetier firmware where as this new build works well with Marlin, Repetier and reprap so far)

I was just about to pull the trigger on a new Pi octo setup for the Poltur too but as Ive got a half decent laptop just knocking about doing nowt (so can act as the server hub) and the newest server build actually seems to now work as intended Im gonna put the octo on hold and see how it go's.

aslong as it holds out it might be a more applicable alternative to an octoprint setup for those running multiple printers but would like to be able to do so wirelessly from anywhere in the house and all at the sametime like myself.

figured Id give it a shout out and see if anyone else wants to give it a whirl too seen as its performed excellently for myself over the last two days ~~

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