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Topics - ched999uk

So I setup Octoprint on Raspberry Pi 2B+ with the v2 camera.
I tried printing something by using the Octoprint web interface and uploading the gcode via that. Printing seemed OK apart from Cura suggested that the print would take 1hr30min. After just under 4hrs it finished!!!
The layer height in cura was set at 0.2mm but the prints seem much much finer than that and they have a few zits on!
So it appears that Octoprint is somehow making the layers thinner. I don't need Octoprint to slice on the RPi just want to remotely monitor the prints.

So any ideas what I have set wrong on Octoprint or is there a setting on it to just pass the gcode directly to the printer without any changes?

I just like being able to send the gcode to the printer from pc instead of moving sd cards all the time.

Any ideas?

So using my ender3 with the standard flexi bed surface was fine. I levelled it with paper and all good. The prints were a bit difficult to remove so I thought I would use the creality glass bed the printer included.
So fitted the glass, levelled with paper and all seemed fine.
I have tried printing and it seems to keep lifting/gets caught on nozzle if the print is in the middle. If I print away from the centre its all good.

Does this suggest that the centre of the glass has a dip? Or do I just need to tweek the glass bed up fractionally?

Any suggestions?

OctoPrint / OctoPi - unattended running + RPi camera
December 29, 2018, 06:31:56 pm
So I am very new to the 3d printing but tried to setup OcoPrint as I had a RPi2B kicking around. All went well until I tried to get a slicer profile from Cura 3.6.0 for my Ender 3. Looks like the feature is no longer there. Is it worth me trying to setup the slicer profile in OpcoPi manually? If so where do i start?

Basically I just wanted to use OctoPi to monitor the prints, I am happy to upload the gcode from Cura so is there any real advantage to getting the slicer profile running?

I have a RPi camera arriving on Monday so I will feel happier running the printer unattended, well upstairs anyway  :smiley:

Cheers for any advice.
Just started 3d printing with a Ender 3. All worked well straight out of the box so to speak. Printed a couple of things from thingiverse to test. Now want to play with some of my own designs.
Had a quick play with FreeCAD and OpenSCAD which seem OK. I sort of quite like the OpenSCAD and building by coding but not sure about how complex designs I could do with it?

So what do you think is the best free cad package that is worth me investing my time in learning?

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